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Annual Report


Hellifield Institute

Report of the Chair of Trustees at the 2019 Annual Meeting

Throughout 2018, the lnstitute continued to fulfil its role as Hellifield's Village Hall.
The Trustees welcomed Ann Taylor and David Clements to their number during the year. John Flitcroft and Barry Hills stepped down from their roles as Trustees in March 2018 and May 2018 respectively. Andrew Crabtree was re-elected Chairman of Trustees at the 2018 Annual Meeting and has offered himself for re-election at the 2019 meeting.

The Trustees would like to formally thank John and Barry for their hard work during their time as Trustees - in particular, John for his role as Treasurer and Barry for his hands-on role encompassing the oversight of our building and the equipment within it.

The Trustees now comprise Andrew Crabtree, Sheila Swinbank, Karen Dunwoodie, Susan Emsley, Peter Bolton, Richard Brown, Ann Taylor and David Clements. During the year the Trustees decided to recognise their dual role as Trustees of the Charity and as Committee Members for the running of Hellifield's Village Hall by resolving to expand the numbers joining the Committee, the first "recruitment" taking place in early 2O19, when Susan Alderson joined our number. The maximum number of Trustees holding office at any one time remains at eight, as per our Constitution. The Trustees/Committee met formally on six occasions during the year, and continued to meet and liaise regularly on an informal basis.
The Committee continues to operate various fund-raising activities in order ao ,rOOon the charging structure for room hire. The Committee believes that hire charges should be set at a level that encourages the use of the building by villagers, and so seek to augment charges by alternative sources of income. lt is more than five years since hire charges were last raised, and during the intervening period costs have risen, and so the Trustees have succeeded in this respect so far. The 200 Club draw continues to make a significant contribution to our fund-raising. As ever, the Christmas Entertainmeht evening was a resdunding success, both financially and socially, and our thanks are due to Hellifield Wl for stepping into the breach and, as ever, to "lan & Jane" for their continued support of this event, and to all other volunteers who helped make this evening a success. fhe Trustees continue to run one coffee morning per month as a fund-raiser for the lnstitute itself.

After a busy 2OL7, there were no major capital projects embarked upon during 20L8. However, following encouragement from a potential sponsor we did commission the drawing-up of plans for an extension to our building, in the form of a storage room, for which we succeeded in obtaining planning approval. Given the hard work and expense involved in achieving planning approval, it was disappointing to find that the potential sponsor had over-marketed its available fund, and 95% of applicants were turned down, including ours. During October, the Entrance Foyer suffered substantial damage as a result of part of a tree on a neighbouring property coming down during high winds. Rectification became a major project, but at least gave us the opportunity to test our disaster-recovery capabilities! Thanks are due to those amongst our number shouldering the bulk of the hard work in ensuring a prompt conclusion to repairs.

Projects for 2O19 include the re-decoration the Main Hall and replacement of the flooring in the Entrance Foyer, whilst the replacement of the surface in the back yard is also under active consideration.

Coffee Mornings were held on virtually every Saturday of 2018, run by {predominantly) village organisations for their own fund-raising purposes. lnformal sports groups (Table Tennis, Badminton and lndoor Bowls) use the institute on Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, and Wednesday mornings respectively. Other regular users have included Hellifield Women's lnstitute, St Aidan's Mothers' Union, Messy Church, the Cardio-respiratory Group, North Craven Flower Club, the Caving Club, Hellifield Allotments and Gardens Association and Hellifield Parish Council.

The building continued to be used for private functions such as family parties and for small-scale commercial enterprises such as Pilates classes, and also a course on the History of Renaissance Art. We were also pleased to welcome, for the first time, the annual Hellifield Beer Festival held over two afternoons and evenings in June, and we are delighted that this will be repeated in 2019.
Furthering their mission to encourage the use of the building, the Committee continued with its entertainment programme. Events in 2018 included a7A's Night and three musical events featuring national artists, as well as the fore-mentioned Christmas Entertainment evening.

The Committee have continued to be active in marketing the lnstitute's services with further development of the Website, Facebook, a regular column in the Parish Magazine, and email circulars.

The Committee continue to face the challenge of engaging with the thirty-to-sixty year-old age group within the village. In particular they wish to encourage people from that age-group to join them in the running of the hall.

Finally, I would like to thank my fellow trustees for their continued perseverance in developing the Institute/Village Hall's offering, in maintaining and protecting the building's facilities, in ensuring that the Charity's business is conducted in a timely and professional manner, and in ensuring that its financial footing remains sound. There have continued to be great demands on their private time, but all have responded willingly.

Andrew Crabtree- Chair of Trustees - 22 March 2019

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Upcoming Events


The Trustees have now completed a risk assessment and have a plan for re-opening the village hall to the public.  The safety of anyone attending the village hall is paramount and we ask everyone to follow the guidance given.  The main points are: -

  • Only the main hall will be available for use until further notice
  • Any hirer will have to undertake their own risk assessment and abide by the revised booking terms and conditons they will be given
  • There will be no major events taking place during 2020
  • A trial coffee morning, run by the Trustees, will take place on 5th September 2020 between 10.00 and 11.30 am
  • Sporting and exercise events will take place within specific guidelines

 Anyone wishing to re-start their regular bookings or anyone wishing to hire the main hall, should contact our booking secretaries Ken and Heather Leak on 0783 7727 268 or 0779 0042 206 or email stanier@aol.com and they will provide full information.

Event Booking Form


For Your Information

A trial coffee morning will take place on Saturday 5th September 2020 between 10.00 and 11.30 am.

Normally Coffee Mornings are held on most Saturday mornings from 10am to 11.30am, helping to raise funds for local charitable causes.  We are hoping that these will continue, dependent on the outcome of the trial referred to above.  If you wish to book a coffee morning after this time, please contact Heather Leak on 0779 0042 206 or Ken Leak on 0783 7727 268.  


Latest 200 Club results

August 2020 - Increased prizes for 2020!

1st Prize £25 - No. 126 - Chris Darling

2nd Prize £15 - No. 193 - Joy Orwell

3rd Prize £10 - No. 22 - Ron Wardman



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